Case Study

Genesis Oil & Gas

We wanted to highlight how Genesis' parts fit together into a unified whole—an concept embodied by its new "One Genesis" vision statement. Working closely with the client over several months, we developed a clear creative concept: a giant, wall-mounted puzzle in the shape of the company's logo, filled with testimonials written by members of its global workforce. For the video itself, we asked employees to read the voiceovers and filmed them assembling the puzzle themselves. The completed puzzle now hangs in the company's headquarters, reminding employees daily of what "One Genesis" means to them.

Case Study

Allianz Global Investors

In light of Europe's new GDPR policies, AllianzGI was updating its data privacy standards, and needed to bring the changes to life for a multinational workforce. To make the content simple and engaging, we developed a campaign around a friendly character named "Dot," representing the viewer's personal data. Our output included four animations, a custom microsite, and a data-centric quiz complete with prizes. For our work on this project, we were thrilled to receive two silver dolphins (for internal communication and informational film) at the 2018 Cannes Corporate Film Awards, and three trophies (one platinum and two gold) at the MarComm Awards.

Case Study


In connection with its 2017 Capital Markets Day, Superdry wanted to describe its design processes for an audience of investors and analysts. We produced a video that followed key members of its branding team on a product tour through the company's headquarters in Cheltenham. Superdry's CEO, Euan Sutherland, recorded the video's voiceover in our London studio. Our CMD package—which, in this case, also included a custom microsite and eight video webcasts—was very well received, and we like to think it contributed to the 7% rise in Superdry's share price following the event.

Case Study

Journey's End

When South African winery Journey's End told us they were building a huge trebuchet for a product launch, we jumped at the chance to investigate. Our team produced several promotional films for the new product, a wine aptly named "Trebuchet". The project took us all the way from Shropshire to Cape Town, where we tracked the trebuchet's progress from construction to demonstration—followed, of course, by a celebratory glass of wine.

Case Study


Wonga asked us to produce a recruitment film for its tech team that would capture its unique corporate culture. We knew this was part of a bigger shift in the company’s communications strategy: after avoiding the spotlight for several years, it was launching a new recruitment portal, and wanted to show that it was a caring, responsible organisation with all kinds of great people. Over the course of three weeks, we conducted interviews and filmed their employees in action. The result was a video that showed the passion, dedication, and humour of the Wonga workforce—and a client that “couldn’t be more pleased.”

Case Study

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey celebrated its 200th anniversary with 18 straight hours of streaming video for its 13,000-strong global workforce—which called for a lot of content. Working closely with the company's in-house team, we did everything from consulting and editing to interviews and animation. The final result was a tremendously successful day of interactive global fun, which we captured for posterity in a highlights reel.

Case Study

Chapel Down

To help Chapel Down raise money on a crowdfunding platform, we created a distinctive video showing the company's investment potential. We wrote the CEO's script, shot footage via drone, and brought everything together in a fun and approachable format. The company ultimately raised £4 million from 1,400 investors, shattering the then-record for equity crowdfunding—with many people saying our video had influenced their decision to invest.

Case Study


Thinkers50, a leading resource for management ideas and innovation, wanted to memorialise numerous elements of its biannual awards gala. For fifteen hours our crew roved through crowds, gathered impromptu vox pops, and conducted formal interviews in breakout rooms. Our highlight reel of the evening was just one of many pieces of content we delivered following that event: enough to help power Thinkers50’s social channels for months to come.


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